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Article: How have weather patterns influenced Victorian electricity demand so far this winter?

Our guest author, Rob Davis, provides insights on how weather patterns are contributing to electricity consumption this winter – particularly in Victoria.

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Article: Reviewing Q2 prices – short-term excursion, or more systemic change in pricing patterns?

Some initial analysis about the remarkable pricing outcomes seen across all regions of the NEM through Q2 2016

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Article: Exceptional pricing during Q2 in South Australia (but really across all regions) hurting major energy users

Some brief notes about a changed pricing pattern observed in Q2 2016

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Topic: Winter 2016 in the NEM

Articles we write through winter 2016 about what we see happening then

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Article: Why large energy users are concerned about last week’s machinations in South Australia

Pondering more implications of the boom/bust pricing witnessed in the South Australian region last week…

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Article: Early winter chills power Tassie demand

A quick look at how the early winter chills are driving demand in Tasmania to levels not seen for 4 years

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Article: Winter evening price spike – like yesteryear (not quite)

Coincident with the release of the RET Review, activity in the spot market provides some reminders…

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Article: Wind output drops and volatility rises

After spending a day looking into the future (at prospective generation developments) I noted this reverse correlation between wind and volatility that’s been occurring over the week.

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Article: Morning prices persist in the South as chill remains

Elevated prices persist this morning in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania

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Article: Spot prices back to gory days of 10 years ago on the last hurrah of carbon

Prices plunge on the day the Carbon Tax is repealed

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