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Article: AEMO announces “Black System” across South Australia at 16:24 on Wednesday 28th September

Power’s out across South Australia on the afternoon of Wednesday 28th September

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Article: Infigen Energy suffering from “wind correlation penalty” in South Australian wind farms

Some thoughts about the possible uplift to Infigen Energy revenues, stemming from higher forward contract prices in the South Australian region of the NEM

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Article: Ararat Wind Farm begins production in Victoria during August

Quick snap of Ararat Wind Farm starting up in August.

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Article: Increased complexity, and challenges, in this energy transition

Two slides (from BNEF and AEMO) that provide some context on the energy transition

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Article: Hornsdale Wind Farm starting up at a time in South Australia when every MWh matters

Recording early days of electricity production at the Hornsdale Wind Farm

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Article: Quick wrap of the winners of our “best forecaster in the NEM” competition for extended summer 2015-16

Announcing the winners of our 7 related competitions for “best forecaster in the NEM” summer 2015-16

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Article: What role might Demand Response play in a (possible) future grid featuring high levels of intermittency?

Back on 8th October, I spoke at All Energy in Melbourne on this topic. Given the questions posed after the session, it seemed that it might be of value to some WattClarity readers if I narrated over the top of the presentation and included it here, for future reference.

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Article: Ramp rates, for “Unserved Demand” much higher in this future world

A quick look at how ramp rates would vary (for “Unserved Consumption”) in the hypothetical “10x” high intermittency grid.

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Article: Considerable spillage, in the high intermittency “10x” scenario

Continuing our analysis of these hypothetical future scenarios to understand the shape of “unserved energy” and hence the potential contribution of Demand Response – today I post about energy spilled in a future with high intermittent generation supply.

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Article: Yin and Yang of Wind in the South Australian region of the National Electricity Market

A sped-up animation covering spanning a September 2015 weekend in the South Australian region of the NEM, illustrating both sides of the wind farm output coin.

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