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Article: [UPDATED] AEMO Market Notice on “High Impact Outage” for tomorrow – and possible effect in South Australia

AEMO issues a Market Notice for a “High Impact Outage” – a term not used since 2012.

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Article: Brown coal production drops because of bushfires

Brown coal production drops as one outcome of the current bushfires around the Latrobe Valley

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Article: Some context for the recent Basslink outage

I noted that the recent Basslink outage made the news today as a result of political point scoring in the Tasmanian parliament. As noted in the news report, the Basslink outage started on Saturday 17th April, and continued through until Monday 26th April.  The NEM-Watch snapshots included in Kim’s post last week showed Basslink flow […]

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Article: VOLL Pricing on 23rd July 2008

It appears that we spoke too soon when we mentioned on the 22nd July that winter 2008 had been relatively uneventful.

Just over 24 hours from making these comments, we saw prices jump sky-high in the mainland regions, and go the other way (to the negative price cap) in Tasmania.

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