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Article: Further thoughts on the emergence of the “Solar Correlation Penalty”

Some further thoughts on what we’ve termed a “Solar Correlation Penalty” which point-view of some specific dispatch intervals seems to suggest is occurring

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Article: Illustrating how the currently installed rooftop solar PV has reduced peak demand – but more won’t reduce it more**

Looking at 13th, 14th and 15th January and the contribution of solar PV to peak demand reduction

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Article: SA electricity demand at New Year’s exhibiting the “Duck Curve” affliction

New Years Eve and New Years Day have provided 2 excellent examples of the “Duck Curve” in South Australia

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Article: Queensland demand peaks (at a high level) late in the day Thursday 19th March

Another high demand day yesterday (Thu 19th March) in Queensland – here’s a record

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Article: Electricity Pricing: An alternative to unlimited bill increases

A synopsis of one of the challenges facing the electricity sector – and a suggested solution

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Article: Behind all the buzz about Solar PV…

Some thoughts about solar PV, and energy efficiency, and the effects they seem to be producing at home.

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