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Article: Reviewing the pattern of spot prices for Q2 2018 suggests that we’re far from out of the woods, yet

Returning to the theme of analysis of Q2 prices (completed in 2017 and 2016 due to Q2 historically being an uneventful period) we see that prices have backed off from the “off the charts” level of 2017, but are still much higher in all regions than most other regions. In some cases results are second worst in 20 years.

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Article: Electricity demand stopped declining after 2014 (on a NEM-wide, Annual Average basis)

A comment made by TransGrid at the Energy Networks 2018 conference today jolted me to update my (somewhat) outdated paradigm of declining demand.

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Article: A timely reminder of the need for *much* more diversity in wind harvest patterns

Alerted by our NEMwatch dashboard, I delve into the data and see a scary degree of correlation between the (very low) output of wind farms in south-east South Australia, and (similarly low) output from newer wind farms in northern NSW.

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Article: Update on “cost” of Tassie’s energy crisis

Some quick calcs to update a ball-park estimate on the cost of the Tasmanian energy crisis

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Article: Diesel gensets start popping up across Tasmania

The first of the diesel gensets startup in Tasmania, and make their way into the data feed.

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Article: Some thoughts on the shaky state of Tassie electricity supply

Recapping what I’ve learnt (and highlighting some of the things I have yet to learn) about the electricity supply crisis currently facing Tasmania

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Article: Early winter chills power Tassie demand

A quick look at how the early winter chills are driving demand in Tasmania to levels not seen for 4 years

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Article: Winning a consolation prize (Comp #6) for Tasmanian peak demand

Who wins a consolation prize today, being closest to the flag in forecasting peak Tassie demand?

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Article: Tassie’s “summer” demand peak comes with cold weather?

Today we have a look at what mark Tasmania reached with peak demand over “extended summer” 2014-15

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Article: Significant trip of Tasmanian demand this morning

A massive (60%) instantaneous reduction in Tassie’s electricity demand in the early hours of this morning caught our attention.

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