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Article: Some simple calculations to help get my head around the scale of the numbers pertaining to Battery Storage

Some quick calculations performed today to help me try to understand what the future might hold, in terms of battery storage (given I’ve been asked to talk batteries today at the National Consumer Roundtable on Energy).

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Article: Win, lose or draw: Three scenarios for the electricity system in 2030

Cast your mind back 15 years to 2016. You probably don’t remember this, but 15 years ago people still debated whether the growth of distributed energy would fundamentally transform the Australian electricity system.

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Article: Ramp rates, for “Unserved Demand” much higher in this future world

A quick look at how ramp rates would vary (for “Unserved Consumption”) in the hypothetical “10x” high intermittency grid.

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Article: Considerable spillage, in the high intermittency “10x” scenario

Continuing our analysis of these hypothetical future scenarios to understand the shape of “unserved energy” and hence the potential contribution of Demand Response – today I post about energy spilled in a future with high intermittent generation supply.

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Article: Approaching 62 hours becalmed on the mainland – what would this mean for battery storage?

Some back-of-the-envelope calculations being a starting point to help me understand how much real contribution electric vehicles might make in feeding back into the grid when intermittent generation is absent.

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Article: Electricity Pricing: An alternative to unlimited bill increases

A synopsis of one of the challenges facing the electricity sector – and a suggested solution

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Article: Is the changing generation mix in the NEM requiring it to start making capacity payments?

Some thoughts about Capacity Payments – given the article in the AFR yesterday

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Article: Three Possible Business Models for Distributed Storage

GSES recently gave a presentation at the APVI workshop in Brisbane as part of the International Battery Association conference.

The content of the presentation would be of interest to WattClarity readers, hence this guest post – which focuses on three possible future business models, that would mean very different outcomes to the incumbents that have become accustomed to “business as usual” over many years.

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Article: Electric Vehicles–some back of the envelope calculations

Some back-of-the-envelope calculations about what electric vehicles might mean for the National Electricity Market, following on from my presentation at the EUAA Annual Conference

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