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Article: Small solar owners saved the NSW electricity market $888 million during heatwave

New South Wales recently experienced a severe heatwave, which saw parts of the state exceed 45°C. During this three day period, small solar PV (i.e. PV systems that are not registered as generators in the NEM), generated about 17 GWh of power.

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Article: How tight demand/supply situations can make solar forecasting important

NSW demand rose to a near-record high on Friday the 10th of February, and QLD soared to a new record demand on that Sunday, amidst an intense heatwave. While this heat-stressed our electricity markets and infrastructure, the nation’s rooftop solar PV systems were providing critical load reduction under plentiful sunshine.

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Article: Three Possible Business Models for Distributed Storage

GSES recently gave a presentation at the APVI workshop in Brisbane as part of the International Battery Association conference.

The content of the presentation would be of interest to WattClarity readers, hence this guest post – which focuses on three possible future business models, that would mean very different outcomes to the incumbents that have become accustomed to “business as usual” over many years.

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Article: Chilly winter evenings show demand has declined for various reasons – not just solar PV

A cold evening in the NEM, and yet demand can’t make it past 30,000MW – which would have been quite startling 4 or 5 years ago (but not now, as demand has been declining for a number of reasons).

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