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Article: Not quite summer and volatility returns to Victoria and South Australia

Some volatility with the hot weather on Wednesday 29th November – is this a precursor for summer?

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Article: With the closure of Hazelwood looming, hedge contract prices climb skywards

Ominous signs for spot price outcomes through Q2 2016 in Victoria, as hedge contract prices climb prior to the imminent closure of Hazelwood.

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Article: The 'other' factors driving price volatility in the NEM

One of the more recent developments we’ve observed in the NEM is the downward trend in gas powered generation, raising concerns as to whether there is more pain to come for east coast industrial consumers.

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Article: A more forensic look at Queensland Price Volatility on Saturday 14th January 2017

An animated walk through 19 hours of Saturday 14th January 2017 in the Queensland region of the National Electricity Market – a day we dubbed “sizzling Saturday” not least because of extreme price volatility

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Article: One example of how price spikes in the physical market flow through to the financial market

Illustrating how the price spike on 14th January flowed through to hedge contract prices.

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Article: If I was going to assess Factors Contributing to the “truly remarkable” Q2 2016 prices, here are some starting places I’d look…

A starting list of factors that I’d look further into, if I was sucked into the “rabbit hole” of assessing all of the contributing factors leading to the Remarkable Prices seen in Q2 2016 – and which could continue into the future.

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Article: Reviewing Q2 prices – short-term excursion, or more systemic change in pricing patterns?

Some initial analysis about the remarkable pricing outcomes seen across all regions of the NEM through Q2 2016

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Article: South Australia hit by two price spikes

The volatility of the NEM was showcased again on Monday as South Australia experienced two major price spikes in the space of an hour. Using NEM-Watch’s play back feature (screenshot below) we were able to relive when the two price spikes hit.

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Article: Is the real issue related to 5 minute dispatch and 30 minute settlement?

Some thoughts from another guest author, Greg Denton, about the current rule change proposal “Bidding in Good Faith” being assessed by the AEMC.

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Article: Queensland electricity demand hits a high mark on Thursday 5th March 2015

A walk-through a high-demand day in Queensland (especially remarkable because of the effect of solar PV output).

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