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Article: Quick wrap of the winners of our “best forecaster in the NEM” competition for extended summer 2015-16

Announcing the winners of our 7 related competitions for “best forecaster in the NEM” summer 2015-16

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Article: Hot weather pushes NEM-wide demand higher than the peak for summer 2014-15 (and we’re not even in summer yet…)

It’s not even summer yet and we’ve already exceeded the high point of summer 2014-15 with the current hot weather…

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Article: If your horse did not come in today – here’s a better chance to win a BBQ (and possibly* a bottle of Grange)

The competition is back, for another summer (with 7+1 prizes on offer). Read through for details…

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Article: What would “demand” look like, in a “10x” intermittent scenario

Laying out the framework for the analysis I’m doing for my presentation at All Energy 2015 – about the role Demand Response might play in a future market dominated by intermittent generation

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Article: Peak NEM-wide demand this summer – the lowest in more than 10 years!

Some analysis of what happened with NEM-wide demand this summer

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Article: Recapping prior peaks in NEM-wide demand

With only 4 days remaining (till Fri 9th Jan) here’s some tips about what the peak NEM-wide demand might be this summer, to help you submit your forecast before the deadline.

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Article: Can you sizzle like the pros – by calculating one of these metrics for summer in the NEM?

Our popular competition returns, with some added spice as a thank-you to clients who have supported us in our 15 years of operation.

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Article: Give your Summer extra Sizzle with our Suggested “Seasons Greetings” Submission (and win your new Premium Beefmaster 6 Burner BBQ on Cart with Side Burner)

Our regular light-hearted competition is back (now in its 8th year). Are you the best demand forecaster in the NEM this year?

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Article: Sorted entries, in our annual “Best Demand Forecaster” competition for 2012-13

A clear view of who are the bears, and who are the bulls, in terms of where they have forecasted the peak demand for summer 2012-13 will finally land.

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Article: A more detailed look at how demand has trended over 15 summers in the NEM

A longer-term look at how summer (peak and average) demand has trended over the 15 years of NEM history to date.

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