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Article: Unfortunately no time for a “Best Peak Demand Forecaster” competition for summer 2017-18

For reasons explained herein, we’re unable to set aside the time required to run a competition on the “best peak demand forecaster in the NEM” for summer 2017-18.

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Article: Possibilities of Peak Demand (VIC and SA) during summer 2017-18

Our guest author, Rob Davis, looks at what might emerge for summer 2017-18 given the La Nina outlook, and prior distributions of Cooling Degree Days for Victoria and South Australia

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Article: Demand in NSW soars but falls short of setting new record

With many stakeholders nervously looking on this afternoon, demand in NSW peaked at 14,108MW at 5:30pm AEDT.

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Article: How small-scale solar PV is helping to moderate peak demand

Quick notes about how solar PV is helping to moderate peak demand (but some considerations relating to using rules of thumb about its effect).

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Article: What factors will contribute to peak demand over summer 2015-2016?

Our guest author, Panos Priftakis, has prepared this analysis of some factors contributing to peak electricity demand – and contributes some insights for summer 2015-16. This might be particularly useful for those contemplating an entry in the WattClarity competition (which closes Friday 27th).

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Article: If your horse did not come in today – here’s a better chance to win a BBQ (and possibly* a bottle of Grange)

The competition is back, for another summer (with 7+1 prizes on offer). Read through for details…

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Article: Pitfalls of Demand Management for the Domestic Electricity Consumer

Some thoughts by a new guest author about different tariff options for delivering demand management for residential electricity customers – and the relative benefits of each for the network.

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Article: Queensland demand peaks (at a high level) late in the day Thursday 19th March

Another high demand day yesterday (Thu 19th March) in Queensland – here’s a record

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Article: Electricity Pricing: An alternative to unlimited bill increases

A synopsis of one of the challenges facing the electricity sector – and a suggested solution

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