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Article: How significant would it be, if Mt Piper were forced to close (at least temporarily)?

A quick look at the scale of the challenge, if Mt Piper were to be forced to close following a court challenge to coal supplies upstream

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Article: AEMO’s successive forecasts for NSW tomorrow paint a progressively WORSE picture

Here’s an update on the situation in NSW

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Article: AEMO forecasts LOR3 (load shedding) in NSW tomorrow–Friday 10th February

… whilst on the topic of load shedding, here’s a warning for NSW on Friday afternoon.

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Article: Hot weather in NSW drives demand higher

Demand rose in NSW today off the back of some hot weather

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Article: Highest electricity demand in NSW so far this summer seen today

NSW experiences its highest electricity demand so far this summer as a result of the hot weather

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Article: NSW demand rises a little today

NSW demand rises (somewhat) today

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Article: NSW demand tops 12,800MW and reserves tighten today – prior to the cool change

Today was the turn for NSW to feel the heat – with demand rising and supplies stretched as a result.

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Article: Winning a consolation prize (Comp #3) for NSW peak demand

So the winner for “best NSW peak demand forecaster” for summer 2014-15 is…

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Article: Similarly, the NSW summer demand peak failed to arrive

Continuing the theme started last week, today we look at what the peak NEM-wide demand was for “extended summer” 2014-15.

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Article: Forecasting NSW peak demand is not as easy as it might initially seem – is there a better way?

What do the forecasts received for peak NSW demand this summer tell us about the various debates currently underway in terms of network regulation and industry transformation?

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