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Article: Small solar owners saved the NSW electricity market $888 million during heatwave

New South Wales recently experienced a severe heatwave, which saw parts of the state exceed 45°C. During this three day period, small solar PV (i.e. PV systems that are not registered as generators in the NEM), generated about 17 GWh of power.

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Article: Key Events Timeline – NSW Friday 10 Feb 2017

A summary timeline of how last Friday’s “white knuckle ride” in NSW evolved, highlighting key events on the day.

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Article: About solar panels (predominantly) facing north, not west

To clarify a quotation today in the Fairfax media about solar PV performance on heatwave Friday in NSW.

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Article: [Post 2] Demand climbs and smelter readies to close AGAIN

Unwanted demand response in NSW approaches, for the 2nd day in a row with scorching temperatures driving demand higher.

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Article: [Post 1] Not out of the woods yet in NSW on a super-hot Saturday

First (and perhaps only?) post on a super-hot Saturday in NSW

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Article: Demand in NSW soars but falls short of setting new record

With many stakeholders nervously looking on this afternoon, demand in NSW peaked at 14,108MW at 5:30pm AEDT.

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Article: [4th update] NSW drops under 1,000MW spare capacity

4th update on this white-knuckle day.

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Article: [Update 3] NSW Scheduled Demand up past 13,500MW and Reserve Margin drops

Another update, as NSW demand shoots up towards a new all-time record

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Article: [2nd update] AEMO forecast for peak NSW demand this afternoon now would be new record

2nd quick note in advance of today’s expected new record demand in NSW (and hopefully not load shedding)

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Article: Early Friday 10th February – forecasts for near-record electricity demand and load shedding in NSW

A quick look into an anticipated stinker of a day in NSW today

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