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Article: Network outage, and low wind, combine to drive spot price volatility in the SA region on Thursday 26th April

An unexpected network outage in the south-east of South Australia restricts supplies from Victoria at a time of low wind supply in South Australia and results in the dispatch price spiking to $14,200/MWh from 11:30 and oscillating for the afternoon

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Article: Wind production in South Australia roared out of the June doldrums to a new production record in July 2017

From one extreme (perhaps lowest ever in June 2017, on like-for-like) to the other (new record production) in the space of just one month for aggregate wind in South Australia

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Article: Approaching 62 hours becalmed on the mainland – what would this mean for battery storage?

Some back-of-the-envelope calculations being a starting point to help me understand how much real contribution electric vehicles might make in feeding back into the grid when intermittent generation is absent.

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Article: High temperatures drive NEM-wide demand towards 30,000MW

Demand surges in Victoria and South Australia on the back of blistering heat, dragging prices out of their long-term slumber as a result.

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Article: A very volatile day in VIC and SA (not particularly due to the Carbon Tax)

Some quick notes today, on day #2 of the Carbon Tax, prompted by some prices that jumped all around the place (not so much due to carbon, though).

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