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Article: Why large energy users are concerned about last week’s machinations in South Australia

Pondering more implications of the boom/bust pricing witnessed in the South Australian region last week…

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Article: Gas burn at Queensland power stations has dropped in September

Further analysis of the interaction between electricity and gas markets in Queensland at present.

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Article: Electricity spot prices crushed from all sides

Low prices today in South Australia and Queensland for various reasons – but summed up by a large oversupply of capacity

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Article: A 60% Instantaneous Reserve Plant Margin – even with plant out for maintenance

A massive overhang of capacity seen today – leading to price suppression

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Article: Negative spot prices in Queensland

Prices dropped below $0 in Queensland this morning – not for the first time in recent days…

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Article: Queensland gas prices plunge, and generators splurge

This is the lowest I can remember seeing the STTM gas price at the Brisbane hub!

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Article: Spot prices back to yesteryear

Spot prices in the doldrums with low demand and high production from wind and gas.

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Article: Reduced exports contributed to reduced prices

Reduced export capability over QNI south contributed to the low prices seen last week.

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Article: … and what of Generators in Queensland, in particular

A further look at bidding behaviour (this time in Queensland) and the extent to which this is contributing to low prices

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Article: Have generators backed carbon out of their bids post 30 June – but prior to the repeal passing?

Have generators already removed the carbon tax from their bids, in July 2014 – and is this the reason why we observed prices plunging on 1st July?

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