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Article: Another day where LOR2 notice issued for SA – what does it mean?

AEMO issued a Market Notice this morning for an LOR2 “Low Reserve Condition” in South Australia. Here’s my sense of some of what’s happening.

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Article: Tassie price spike on Sunday

Some quick notes about a price spike this evening in Tasmania.

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Article: Demand Side Response in NSW on 4th February

On the 4th of February at around 11am energy users in NSW appear to have curtailed their load in response to high prices, resulting in a significant drop in demand. Simultaneously, network conditions and generator rebidding caused the NSW pool price to jump back and forth between extreme prices close to VOLL ($10,000/MWh) and the Market Floor Price (-$1,000/MWh).

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Article: VOLL (or MPC) in NSW today as high temperatures stretch supplies

A graphical summary of a day when temperatures soared in NSW, dragging demand higher and (with the assistance of a relative shortage of supplies) also dragging prices to VOLL

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Article: South Australia hits the Cumulative Price Threshold

For only the 5th time in 11 years of NEM history (and the 3rd time for South Australia) four consecutive days of price spikes have forced the Cumulative Price to the Threshold, and AEMO has imposed price caps to prevent retailers from going bust.

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Article: Prices spike in South Australia today

Some quick notes about another price spike today in the South Australian region of Australia’s National Electricity Market

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Article: Prices race in QLD and NSW as horses race in VIC

Tuesday 3rd November, and the temperatures that had driven prices higher in SA the previous day moved eastwards.

Whilst VIC demand was lower as everyone lost their shirts on a horse, demand climbed in NSW and QLD, dragging prices upwards as well.

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Article: The NEM wakes from its spring slumber

A quick review of some activity in the market on Monday 2nd November 2009 (and in particular a price spike in South Australia).

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Article: November in the NEM (a review of 10 years of history)

One of 12 articles on the months past in the NEM – investigating the trends and significant events in the National Electricity Market during November.

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Article: January in the NEM (a review of 10 years of history)

One of 12 articles on the months past in the NEM. For January we revisit events such as the fires at Moomba in 2004 (which curtailed gas supplies from central Australia); and the blackout on 16th January 2007 which drove the price to VOLL in Victoria.

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