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Article: Even Colongra gets a run as high temperatures stretch local supplies in NSW

High temperatures passing through NSW provided the opportunity for the Colongra gas-fired power station to shake off the cobwebs and have a run for the day.

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Article: Prices see-saw across the (mainland) NEM today

An interesting day in the NEM today, with prices gyrating across a wide spectrum, and across all four mainland regions – on the back of higher demand in Victoria and South Australia due to temperatures there, and supported by transmission issues and other factors.

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Article: VOLL (or MPC) in NSW today as high temperatures stretch supplies

A graphical summary of a day when temperatures soared in NSW, dragging demand higher and (with the assistance of a relative shortage of supplies) also dragging prices to VOLL

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Article: Highest (real) NEM-Wide Demand this winter – on Thursday 11th June 2009

Some preliminary analysis of what happened on Thursday 11th June 2009 – when the NEM experienced its highest NEM-wide demand this winter.

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Article: Prices Surge in QLD and NSW as Demand Climbs

We noted yesterday (Wednesday 10th June) that NEM-wide demand climbed past 32,000MW for the first time this winter.

The following evening saw demand climb to similar levels (a peak of 32,054MW at 18:20 – so 35MW higher than the previous night). However the situation on Thursday night was different in two key ways…

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Article: First Spike in Demand this Winter As Temperatures Plunge

On Wednesday 10th June 2009, temperatures plunged across the NEM for the first time this winter, providing a long-awaited dump of snow to start the season, and driving electricity demand high.

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Article: October in the NEM (a review of 10 years of history)

One of 12 articles on the months past in the NEM – in which we examine the trends in price and demand across the NEM for the month of October.

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Article: A review of recent summers in the NEM

A brief analysis of NEM-wide demand and IRPM during the summer months over the past 4 years.

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Article: High Prices and Low Reserves in NSW

An illuminating view of the NEM during the high NSW prices on 31st October 2008, illustrated with screenshots and a dynamic video from the new NEM-Watch v8.

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Article: Prices depressed in the NEM - Winter 2008

Our Managing Director spoke at the “Australian Energy & Utility Summit 08” in
Sydney on Tuesday 22nd July 2008, touching on a number of issues including the depressed prices experienced in winter 2008.

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