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Article: On batteries, and “fixing South Australia’s problems”

Some quick thoughts about Tesla’s promise to “fix South Australia’s power woes”. Which specific problem is Tesla promising to fix?

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Article: [Post 1] Early AEMO forecasts look towards new record electricity demand in Queensland today

AEMO early morning forecast pointing to a new record electricity demand late this afternoon.

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Article: [2nd post] Astonishing Queensland electricity demand - on a Sunday!

An astounding day with Queensland electricity demand on a Sunday – a new peak (according to Powerlink) or not quite (on Dispatch Target basis).

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Article: [1st post] AEMO forecasts near-record electricity demand in Queensland – late on a Sunday evening!

Looking forward to this evening, and what looks set to be a near all-time record for QLD demand (a remarkable outcome for a Sunday)

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Article: [4th update] NSW drops under 1,000MW spare capacity

4th update on this white-knuckle day.

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Article: [Update 3] NSW Scheduled Demand up past 13,500MW and Reserve Margin drops

Another update, as NSW demand shoots up towards a new all-time record

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Article: [2nd update] AEMO forecast for peak NSW demand this afternoon now would be new record

2nd quick note in advance of today’s expected new record demand in NSW (and hopefully not load shedding)

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Article: AEMO’s successive forecasts for NSW tomorrow paint a progressively WORSE picture

Here’s an update on the situation in NSW

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Article: A more forensic look at Queensland Price Volatility on Saturday 14th January 2017

An animated walk through 19 hours of Saturday 14th January 2017 in the Queensland region of the National Electricity Market – a day we dubbed “sizzling Saturday” not least because of extreme price volatility

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Article: Queensland demand today exceeds the previous all-time record

The Queensland region experienced a new all-time record for electricity demand today, along with some very hot weahter

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