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Article: Renewable energy – did it just laze about over summer?

A review of the high demand periods over summer 2017/18 highlights the important contribution renewable generation is making to meeting peak demand and addressing the reliability of the power system.

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Article: Hot weather sees NSW demand at 13,000MW and NEM-wide demand above 31,000MW

A quick review of a day when NSW demand was forecast to be high

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Article: Coincident warm demand forecast for VIC and NSW tomorrow late afternoon (Monday 18th December)

AEMO forecasts NEM-wide demand to exceed 32,000MW tomorrow (Monday 18th December), which is far higher than seen in December 2016, and one reason for the LOR1 low reserve notices.

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Article: [UPDATED] NEM-wide demand screams past 34,000MW today

NEM-wide demand roared to life today, for the first time this summer, with hot weather pretty much everywhere.

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Article: NEM-wide demand climbs above 30,000MW today

Demand begins to wake from holiday slumber with temperatures up across the mainland.

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Article: Recapping where NEM-wide demand travelled over summer 2013-14

Recapping where demand trended over summer 2013-14 and (importantly for our competition entrants) what the peak demand was seen to be, NEM-wide

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Article: Third consecutive day of extreme demand in Victoria and South Australia with the heatwave

For the third day in a row, high temperatures drive demand higher – inching closer to a new all-time record for Victoria.

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Article: On Tuesday the NEM-wide demand did reach 31,891MW – and in Victoria 10,072MW

A snapshot of the highest demand point experienced in Victoria (and across the NEM) today

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Article: Recapping NEM-wide demand for summer 2012-13

A view of how NEM-wide demand trended over summer, with respect to our Best Demand Forecaster in the NEM competition.

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Article: NEM-wide demand races past 31,500MW today

A record of the highest NEM-wide demand so far during summer 2012-13. A useful reference, for all of those who entered our “Best Demand Forecaster in the NEM” competition this time, and for those who sat on the sidelines.

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