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Article: Monday 9th July sees yo-yo prices in South Australia

Some brief analysis of today’s price volatility seen in the South Australian region of the NEM

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Article: Energy prices below zero in South Australia, but Raise Regulation FCAS prices through the roof

Low energy prices in South Australia combined with high prices for Raise Regulation

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Article: High Regulation FCAS Prices on Tuesday 18th April in South Australia

Quick review of a spike in FCAS Prices in South Australia on Tuesday 18th April 2017 – leading to Administered Pricing for Raise Regulation Services.

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Article: Another day where LOR2 notice issued for SA – what does it mean?

AEMO issued a Market Notice this morning for an LOR2 “Low Reserve Condition” in South Australia. Here’s my sense of some of what’s happening.

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Article: Analysis of the FCAS market in Victoria over the 23rd July, 2008

On the 23rd of July, 2008 one of the HWTS – LYPS 500kV Line was down for maintenance when a second one tripped, leaving only one line remaining. This caused NEMMCO to declare the failure of that remaining line the greatest single contingency in the NEM, causing them to buy large amounts of FCAS from generators.

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Article: VOLL Pricing on 23rd July 2008

It appears that we spoke too soon when we mentioned on the 22nd July that winter 2008 had been relatively uneventful.

Just over 24 hours from making these comments, we saw prices jump sky-high in the mainland regions, and go the other way (to the negative price cap) in Tasmania.

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