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Article: Power station ‘trips’ are normal, but blackouts are not

Understanding the difference between blackouts, generator trips and intermittent generation and how these events are managed.

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Article: 2 x Loy Yang A units offline this afternoon

Two units temporarily offline at Loy Yang A on Monday 8th May (not without coincidence/conspiracy theories)

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Article: Two evening price spikes send jitters …

The dispatch price in Queensland spiked to $1,500/MWh at 18:25 and again at 22:40 yesterday evening – triggering jitters in some who fear a return to the volatility of summer 2013.

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Article: Updated animation of 20th December 2012 – a volatile day in the Queensland Region

An updated animation of 20th December 2012 focused on the Queensland region – a volatile day for that region.

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Article: Wild price gyrations in Victoria (and elsewhere) today following a station trip at Yallourn

An animation of 90 minutes this morning where the price gyrated wildly in response to a trip at Yallourn, and numerous subsequent reactions by market participants and the AEMO.

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Article: High temperatures drive NEM-wide demand to 34,400MW

Some snapshots of a day in which NEM-wide demand soared, driven by high temperatures across the middle of Australia.

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Article: VOLL (or MPC) in NSW today as high temperatures stretch supplies

A graphical summary of a day when temperatures soared in NSW, dragging demand higher and (with the assistance of a relative shortage of supplies) also dragging prices to VOLL

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