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Article: Examining why Pelican Point didn’t bid full capacity into the NEM on Wednesday 8 February

Some thoughts by our guest author, about possible reasons why Engie did not bid full output of Pelican Point power station into AEMO on Wednesday 8th February (i.e. the time at which load shedding eventuated).

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Article: About the looming (potential) closure of Hazelwood power station

Some initial thoughts following articles about the mooted closure of Hazelwood Power Station as early as April 2017.

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Article: Infigen Energy suffering from “wind correlation penalty” in South Australian wind farms

Some thoughts about the possible uplift to Infigen Energy revenues, stemming from higher forward contract prices in the South Australian region of the NEM

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Article: Failure to satisfy the LRET – Prospects and Implications

Some considerations, posted by guest author Andrew George, about the Large-Scale Renewable Energy Target Scheme

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Article: Northern Power Station becomes the next domino to fall

Following today’s announcement of the closure of Alinta’s Northern Power Station in South Australia

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Article: The NEM reaches Peak Gas

Following from several earlier articles, Core Energy provides their view of the future of gas use in power generation

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Article: Is the changing generation mix in the NEM requiring it to start making capacity payments?

Some thoughts about Capacity Payments – given the article in the AFR yesterday

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Article: About Snowy’s purchase of the Colongra peaker

Some thoughts following the purchase of the Colongra peaking plant in the dying days of 2014.

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Article: An illustration of increasing generation oversupply in the National Electricity Market

To augment today’s article in the Australian Financial Review, here’s an illustration of the growing oversupply.

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Article: Electricity spot prices crushed from all sides

Low prices today in South Australia and Queensland for various reasons – but summed up by a large oversupply of capacity

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