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Article: Where is the east coast domgas development boom?

When markets operate normally, a sharp rise in the price of any commodity triggers a boom in exploration, development and new supply. But this is not seeming to happen in response to high domestic gas prices. In this article, guest author (Graeme Bethune) examines why.

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Article: Examining why Pelican Point didn’t bid full capacity into the NEM on Wednesday 8 February

Some thoughts by our guest author, about possible reasons why Engie did not bid full output of Pelican Point power station into AEMO on Wednesday 8th February (i.e. the time at which load shedding eventuated).

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Article: Queensland gas prices plunge, and generators splurge

This is the lowest I can remember seeing the STTM gas price at the Brisbane hub!

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Article: The changing role of gas in the NEM

A few thoughts from another guest commentator (Paul Taliangis @ Core Energy) about where gas-fired generation volumes look set to go.

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Article: Dependence on gas supplies in the NEM

Our Managing Director spoke at the “Australian Energy & Utility Summit 08” in
Sydney on Tuesday 22nd July 2008, touching on a number of issues including the Emissions Trading System and the possible emergence of a NEM heavily dependent on gas
supplies, which might be unreliable.

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