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Article: Recapping a shaky week for the supply-demand balance in the NSW region last week (Mon 4th June to Fri 8th June 2018)

The start of some analysis that helps to identify the variety of factors that combined to give a shaky balance between supply and demand in NSW last week.

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Article: Where is the east coast domgas development boom?

When markets operate normally, a sharp rise in the price of any commodity triggers a boom in exploration, development and new supply. But this is not seeming to happen in response to high domestic gas prices. In this article, guest author (Graeme Bethune) examines why.

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Article: The 'other' factors driving price volatility in the NEM

One of the more recent developments we’ve observed in the NEM is the downward trend in gas powered generation, raising concerns as to whether there is more pain to come for east coast industrial consumers.

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Article: The NEM reaches Peak Gas

Following from several earlier articles, Core Energy provides their view of the future of gas use in power generation

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Article: Gas price turn-around signals generation change

Some analysis of gas-fired generation in Queensland, with the first LNG exports steaming away from port.

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Article: Gas burn at Queensland power stations has dropped in September

Further analysis of the interaction between electricity and gas markets in Queensland at present.

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Article: Queensland gas prices plunge, and generators splurge

This is the lowest I can remember seeing the STTM gas price at the Brisbane hub!

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Article: Reviewing the contribution of gas, in South Australia’s heatwave last week

Following the heatwave last week, a review of the symbiotic nature of the link between the gas and electricity markets in the gas-hungry state of South Australia

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Article: Is Mortlake bucking the trend?

A quick look at the long-run trend in output at Origin Energy’s large Mortlake plant in western Victoria.

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Article: The changing role of gas in the NEM

A few thoughts from another guest commentator (Paul Taliangis @ Core Energy) about where gas-fired generation volumes look set to go.

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