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Article: August Update: Regulatory Responses to Pricing Concern

Some thoughts from guest author, Connor James, about “what’s next” in response to energy user concerns about high and escalating prices.

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Article: Energy Users as the “victim” in the train wreck that’s unfolding before our eyes

A few thoughts about how energy users (including each of us) are the main victims in the unfolding train wreck that’s become of this energy transition off the rails.

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Article: Energy Supply Disruption – Understand the Customer Drivers

The energy supply industry is now a case study of major disruption and this is causing chaos. We are now witnessing the simultaneous high prices in electricity and gas – importantly at the commodity level – not network driven this time – although that just changed with the AER loss – more petrol on the fire.

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Article: Why large energy users are concerned about last week’s machinations in South Australia

Pondering more implications of the boom/bust pricing witnessed in the South Australian region last week…

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Article: When The Levee Breaks

Our guest author (Mike Williams) shares some practical tips for how energy users can brace themselves for the rising tsunami of energy costs

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Article: Concerns about Rising Costs in the Wholesale Spot Market

A listing of some drivers for higher (and, in some cases, lower) prices in the wholesale spot component of the NEM.

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Article: My synopsis of Opportunities & Threats for Energy Users

A high-level summary of some concerns of energy users, linked to a (progressively) growing number of more detailed posts that will be added over time.

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Topic: Concerns of Energy Users

Here’s a growing collection of articles we’re putting together with respect to the concerns of energy users.

These articles are informed by interaction with a wide range of large commercial and industrial (C&I) energy users in a variety of different settings:
1)  One-on-one interactions with our clients and others in their offices or industrial facilities; and
2)  Collective interactions through conferences (such as those posted about here), through EUAA Members Meetings, and through other events.

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Article: Some benefits of curtailability in Australia's National Electricity Market

A look-back at 11 years of NEM history to reveal the nature and measure of benefits large industrial energy users can gain from curtailability in the NEM

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