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Article: Analytical Challenge - remembering that it's impossible to know motive (but does not stop us guessing)

Highlighting the temptation to ascribe motivation to others – despite the fact that we understand that we can never know for sure.

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Article: If I were going to perform an objective review of what happened last Thursday 18th and Friday 19th, here’s a couple things I would look into…

A starting list of all the factors I would like to delve into, in order to perform an objective review of what happened last Thursday and Friday in Victoria and South Australia

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Article: Analytical Challenge – avoiding Recency Bias

Flagging the ongoing challenge of not extrapolating from recent performance to infer that “things” will always be that way.

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Article: Analytical Challenge – determining “what might have otherwise been?”

One of the challenges in analysis is to even be conscious of the need to ascertain “what might have otherwise been”.

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Topic: A collection of some core analytical challenges

A collection of articles speaking to some core analytical challenges.

Others are categorised elsewhere – like my prior thoughts on three reasons why forecasting is a mug’s game.

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Article: Why are we completing this extensive review of what happened over a very volatile summer in QLD – and why, and what the future implications might be?

Why are we investing significant time in completing this review of what was remarkable price volatility in QLD over summer? We’re primarily a software company that develops shrink-wrapped products used by about 100 market participants, spectators and commentators.

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