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Article: Was South Australia lucky the lights stayed on last Friday?

Last Friday’s events took South Australia much closer to the brink of another Black System event than many seem to have realised

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Article: Queensland demand soars high in the second week of summer

We are only in the second week of summer 2015-16, and demand in Queensland has already begun to heat up, hitting 8507MW at 3:05pm this afternoon after another hot and humid day across the sunshine state.

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Article: Demand heats up in New South Wales and Queensland on the first day of summer

With a Beefeater 5 Burner BBQ on the line , along with a host of other prizes, interested participants of our annual demand forecast competition (entries now closed :( ) would have been keeping a keen eye on demand during the week.

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Article: A hot Thursday forecast for QLD this week – what will it mean for electricity demand?

With high temperatures forecast for South-East Queensland later this week, we take a look at what’s forecast in terms of demand.

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Article: Forecasting NSW peak demand is not as easy as it might initially seem – is there a better way?

What do the forecasts received for peak NSW demand this summer tell us about the various debates currently underway in terms of network regulation and industry transformation?

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Article: Analysing trends in VIC electricity demand

Some analysis of how demand in Victoria has trended over 16 years – at least in part to help competition entrants provide their forecasts of what they think the peak Victorian regional demand will be for summer 2014-15

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Article: The continuing change in the NEM landscape

Second article by Paul Taliangis (of Core Energy) looking at some of the broader changes at work in the NEM.

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Article: Celebrate a summer Christmas with us–with your own new Beefmaster Premium 6 BBQ!

Here’s our regular, annual and popular call-to-calculators for all those who’ve drawn the short straw and have to work on through the Christmas -to- New Year this summer season. Turn the tables on those off enjoying some summer sun, or skiing way up north by getting your entry in – with a chance to be anointed “Best Demand Forecaster in the NEM” and celebrate with your own new BBQ (or some other new prizes).

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Article: How is demand changing in the NEM?

Further analysis of the way that electricity demand patterns (NEM-wide) are changing in Australia’s National Electricity Market

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Article: What’s the consensus view of where the market thinks the NEM-wide demand will end up

Some analysis of entries received in our “Who’d the Best Demand Forecaster in the NEM” competition for summer 2010-11

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