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Article: Brown coal production drops because of bushfires

Brown coal production drops as one outcome of the current bushfires around the Latrobe Valley

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Article: Sydney swelters on Thursday, but demand remains in the doldrums

Despite some high temperatures around Sydney today, electricity demand remained subdued.

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Article: A stinker today in the south – but demand barely wakes from the holiday slumber (and yet prices explode!)

A preliminary look at a number of events that happened today, leading to prices spiking to the Market Price Cap in a number of regions, Demand Side Response being very active, and trading desks being very busy.

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Article: How helpful was NEMMCOs PASA process in predicting the demand spike on 29 January 2009 (part1)?

A quick look at how useful NEMMCO’s PASA forecasts were, prior to the record levels of demand seen across the NEM on Thursday 29th January 2009

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Topic: Further thoughts about Summer 2008-09 (the heatwave, bushfires, new demand peak, and blackouts)

Summer 2008-09 is now well behind us, and there are a number of official reviews underway that will report back at some stage.

Even so, we’ve been continuing to ponder a couple of things about what happened in January 2009 (particularly in VIC and SA) and will endeavour to post a couple of these thoughts within this topic progressively in the future.

Just keep in mind that:
1)  We’re just a bunch of geeks who watch the market, so may get some things wrong
(if we do goof it up, let us know and we’ll correct); and
2)   We still have our day-jobs (producing software) so will only be able to post as we have time.

Hope that this is of some assistance, nonetheless!

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Article: January in the NEM (a review of 10 years of history)

One of 12 articles on the months past in the NEM. For January we revisit events such as the fires at Moomba in 2004 (which curtailed gas supplies from central Australia); and the blackout on 16th January 2007 which drove the price to VOLL in Victoria.

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Article: Links to external reports relating to the blackout

Following from the blackout, several government bodies, and industry organisations completed reviews of the events leading up to the blackout. For completeness, these reports (at least, those we are aware of) have been listed in this article.

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Article: Second review of the blackout on Tuesday, 16th January 2007

Our second review was prepared in conjunction with the release of NEM-Watch version 7 (including the new NEM-Watch portal at www.NEM-Watch.info) in March 2007.

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Article: Our initial review of the blackout on Tuesday, 16th January 2007

Our first review, linked here, was prepared the night of the blackout itself, and provides a chronological history of events, as seen through the NEM-Watch™ application.

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Article: Nous Report, into blackout of 16th January 2007

Note about the NOUS Group report on the blackout in Victoria of 16th January 2007

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