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Article: On batteries, and “fixing South Australia’s problems”

Some quick thoughts about Tesla’s promise to “fix South Australia’s power woes”. Which specific problem is Tesla promising to fix?

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Article: Was South Australia lucky the lights stayed on last Friday?

Last Friday’s events took South Australia much closer to the brink of another Black System event than many seem to have realised

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Article: AEMO’s successive forecasts for NSW tomorrow paint a progressively WORSE picture

Here’s an update on the situation in NSW

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Article: Initial Analysis: SA Load Shedding Wed 8 Feb 2017

A look at the supply/demand fundamentals in South Australia and explaining why load shedding was initiated.

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Article: AEMO forecasts LOR3 (load shedding) in NSW tomorrow–Friday 10th February

… whilst on the topic of load shedding, here’s a warning for NSW on Friday afternoon.

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Article: Load Shedding occurs in South Australia in heatwave conditions

Deja-vu all over again in South Australia this evening, with load shedding invoked due to climbing (hot-weather fuelled) demand, and insufficient local generation supplies.

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Article: Wind speeds and the Blackout of South Australia

Wind speeds up during the blackout of September 28th in South Australia

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Article: First shot at trying to understand what went on, leading to the SA blackout of Wednesday 28th September

First attempt to try to piece together events leading up to the blackout in South Australia on Wed 28th September 2016

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Article: AEMO announces “Black System” across South Australia at 16:24 on Wednesday 28th September

Power’s out across South Australia on the afternoon of Wednesday 28th September

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Article: Close to a new record demand in Victoria today (Wed 15th), but no cigar

Recapping where the peak demand actually landed today, with the heatwave across southern Australia.

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