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Article: A timely reminder of the need for *much* more diversity in wind harvest patterns

Alerted by our NEMwatch dashboard, I delve into the data and see a scary degree of correlation between the (very low) output of wind farms in south-east South Australia, and (similarly low) output from newer wind farms in northern NSW.

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Topic: Autumn 2018 in the NEM

A collection of articles about things we see occurring in the NEM.

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Article: [UPDATED] AEMO Market Notice on “High Impact Outage” for tomorrow – and possible effect in South Australia

AEMO issues a Market Notice for a “High Impact Outage” – a term not used since 2012.

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Article: Collective skittishness about South Australia?

With high temperatures forecast for SA (hence higher demand) coinciding with low wind, social media references to “blackout” increase. Is this helpful?

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Topic: Autumn 2017 in the NEM

Collection of articles written for Autumn 2017

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Article: Hazelwood closure announcement reflected in MT PASA capacity forecasts

Engie’s announced closure of Hazelwood reflected as a big step change reduction in available capacity in Victoria at the end of March 2017.

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Topic: Autumn 2015 in the NEM

A collection of articles about autumn 2015

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Topic: Autumn 2014 in the NEM

Category to catch any posts we make pertaining to the shoulder season of autumn 2014.

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Topic: Autumn 2013 in the NEM

After an eventful summer 2012-13 in the NEM, where we saw a heatwave early in the season lead into flooding rains (again) – and a new “Best Demand Forecaster” crowned, we progressed into what would normally be the less eventful autumn period.

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