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Article: Using this train analogy to critique some recent developments with Frequency Control Ancillary Services (FCAS)

[PART 2 of] a post by guest author, Bruce Miller – which was initially posted on LinkedIn as one piece, but which has been broken into two on WattClarity as each part serves different purposes.

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Article: Puzzling through three rule change requests

Some ideas that I have been puzzling over – about the overlaps and contradictions between 3 rule changes under consideration at the AEMC currently
1) The Demand Response Mechanism (better known as the Negawatt buyback mechanism)
2) The Bidding in Good Faith deliberation
3) The Requirement for Price-Responsive (large) Demand to bid into central dispatch

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Article: Is the real issue related to 5 minute dispatch and 30 minute settlement?

Some thoughts from another guest author, Greg Denton, about the current rule change proposal “Bidding in Good Faith” being assessed by the AEMC.

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