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Article: Updated animation of 20th December 2012 – a volatile day in the Queensland Region

An updated animation of 20th December 2012 focused on the Queensland region – a volatile day for that region.

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Article: Animation of several hours over the evening of Saturday 12th January 2013 in Queensland

Here’s another animated case study of one more interesting time that occurred through summer 2013 in Queensland – on this occasion the evening of Saturday 12th January 2013.

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Article: Quick quiz – how many do you get right, about what happened in the Queensland Region over summer 2013?

Five thought-provoking questions about what really happened in Queensland over summer 2013 – and the supplementary question about what it all means for the future.

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Article: Revisiting 2nd January 2013 in Queensland – to illustrate the interaction of rebidding and constraints

Beginning prior to 7am and progressing through the morning of Wednesday 2nd January 2013, there was significant volatility in the Queensland region of the National Electricity Market – including four spikes at or above $1,000/MWh.

Here’s a walk-through of how it unfolded, with some pointers to some of the contributing factors.

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Article: Why are we completing this extensive review of what happened over a very volatile summer in QLD – and why, and what the future implications might be?

Why are we investing significant time in completing this review of what was remarkable price volatility in QLD over summer? We’re primarily a software company that develops shrink-wrapped products used by about 100 market participants, spectators and commentators.

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Article: Some factors that contributed to the remarkable volatility in Queensland over the weekend

A starting list of a number of factors that combined to deliver sustained higher wholesale electricity prices in the Queensland region across the weekend of Saturday 12th January and Sunday 13th January 2013.

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Article: Demand (and price) remain stubbornly high in Queensland over the weekend

An extra-ordinary weekend in Queensland, where the mercury stays up and so does electricity demand and (as a result, plus with some help from other factors) so does price.

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Article: A stinker today in the south – but demand barely wakes from the holiday slumber (and yet prices explode!)

A preliminary look at a number of events that happened today, leading to prices spiking to the Market Price Cap in a number of regions, Demand Side Response being very active, and trading desks being very busy.

Contact us if you’d like a detailed Case Study

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Article: A stinker today in southern Queensland, leading to high demand and prices on the tipping point

A brief look, during the day, of the effect that the Queensland heat wave is having on electricity demand within the state – and further across the NEM. It was a day of marked contrast in demand patterns in the north and the south.

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Article: The 871-855 constraint returns

A snapshot of an instance of the Queensland regional constraint, which has returned after an absence over the autumn months.

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