Personal experiences with Distributed Energy Resources

A topic to collect articles about personal experiences with distributed energy resources

A collection of some core analytical challenges

A collection of articles speaking to some core analytical challenges.

Others are categorised elsewhere – like my prior thoughts on three reasons why forecasting is a mug’s game.

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Energy Transition

A collection of articles about this energy transition

Let’s Keep Talking About FCAS

Grandfathers Axe or Low Hanging Fruit?

No Guarantee of Success

Villain #2 – we, the voting public

The Emotion-o-Meter

What happens when energy is free?

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Summer 2017-18 in the NEM

Articles pertaining to summer 2017-18 in the NEM

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Spring 2017 in the NEM

Articles pertaining to spring 2017 (Sept, Oct, Nov) in the NEM

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Energy Literacy

Category established to link together articles aimed (at least in part) to assist in broadening understanding (both literacy and numeracy) of energy sector concepts.

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Winter 2017 in the NEM

A collection of articles posted about Winter 2017 in the NEM

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Statewide blackout in South Australia on 28th September 2016

A collection of articles progressively written about the blackout across South Australia on 28th September 2016

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Autumn 2017 in the NEM

Collection of articles written for Autumn 2017

Ararat Wind Farm at full capacity

End of an era at Hazelwood

A sudden series of SA spikes

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Summer 2016-17 in the NEM

Articles relating to what happens across the NEM through summer 2016-17

Five fixes for the NEM

Southern NEM demand awakes from slumber

NSW demand rises above 13,000MW

… meanwhile, down at Loy Yang A…

Hot weather in NSW drives demand higher

Energy sector unions throw oil onto fire