Explanations and Training

WattClarity® has been in operation since late 2007.

Occasionally, we have posted articles with a particular focus on energy literacy (for a number of reasons, including a perceived need to help where we can in addressing Villain #4).

Explanations of various aspects of the energy sector

More recently, we’ve recognised the value in providing some central reference pages linking together descriptions provided for some central concepts in the energy sector. As such, this new section on the Wattclarity site might grow into a glossary/index of sorts.



Additionally, we’ve also organised (and sometimes participated in delivery of) training about different aspects of the energy sector. Remembering that we’re not consultants (though we know some who’ve proved themselves to be particularly useful for us) you might like to contact us if you would like to discuss your particular requirements. We’ll be happy to let you know how (if) we can help – or point you to others who can, if we cannot.


If you have more questions?

If you have more questions about WattClarity (and particularly these explanations), please drop us a line using this feedback form, remembering to provide us a phone number we can reach you on if we have questions about your suggestions.