Generator Report Card 2018 (20 years of data to 31st December 2018)

Our Generator Report Card was released on 31st May 2019 as noted here on the day:

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The content below (and linked on this page) will be updated to reflect the final version of the Generator Report Card.  For now, it provides some insights into the reasoning behind why we invested so much time in developing the Report Card.

Particularly growing through 2017 and 2018, we have observed (and sometimes been involved in) a number of parallel discussions about various aspects of Power Station Performance – with some discussions being private, and others being public.Our Generator Report Card is a one-off review of more than 50 discrete metrics covering various aspects of generator performance (technical, commercial, and other) over 20 years of history – with particular focus on recent years where it makes sense.  Data is being assembled for each discrete power station in the NEM, and Key Insights gleaned from gigabytes of data.


Particularly growing through 2017 and 2018, we have observed (and sometimes been involved in) a number of parallel discussions about various aspects of Power Station Performance – with some discussions being private, and others being public.

Hence, late in September 2018 we resolved to compile an extensive Generator Report Card that will cover all power stations across the NEM, no matter what their fuel type or technology.  We are working with a range of third parties (as noted below) to do all of this.

The Generator Report Card will be finalized and released in another 6-8 weeks (we’ll post more about it at that time here).  You have two options:

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Option 2 = or you could wait until the report has been released (current ETA is April 2019) and order your copy then at the final price (which is still to be determined, but will be higher than the pre-order price available now).

We would welcome your suggestions here about other questions (and metrics), remembering to provide us a phone number we can reach you on if we have questions about your suggestions.

(A)  Structure of the Generator Report Card

As noted here, on Friday 26th April we sent a few bound copies out to some hand-picked people who have consented to proof-read a draft of our Generator Report Card.  In order to give you a sense of what’s conveyed in the Report Card (noting this was a draft, and there are still a few things unfinished), here’s a picture:

The following is an overview of the structure of the Generator Report Card

Brief explanation of the content
Part 1 – Executive Summary When all the sections below are finished, we’ll summarize the main insights from the hundreds of pages below into something that will give you a general sense of what’s covered within.
Part 2 – Key Insights Our expanded team of analysts (from Greenview Strategic Consulting, Global-Roam and others that will be noted below) are well down the path of drawing out a range of Key Insights from the data sets assembled on technical, commercial, environmental and other performance.

These are being assembled under Themes (such as about the energy transition that’s underway) in order to help readers see the woods for the trees.

This is looking like being about 40 pages, when completed.

Part 3 – Results by Generator In this section of the report, we will be presenting (separately) individual results for key metrics for every generator across the NEM.  To paint the complete picture for storage systems (pumped hydro and batteries) we are also including the relevant data on the scheduled load components.

With one page per unit, this will be >300 pages long.  Here’s a description of the 1-page structure in the draft of 26th April 2019.

Part 4 – Aggregated Results In this section, we’re aggregating results in a number of ways in order to draw out other insights:

  • We’re aggregating geographically (e.g. for the whole of the NEM, and by region);
  • We’re aggregating by fuel type; and
  • We’re aggregating by portfolio where it makes sense – such as in relation to rebidding behaviours, as discussed here.
Part 5 – Glossary We’ve compiled an extensive glossary of the different metrics used in the development of the Generator Report Card.
Various Appendices Where we see that it will help the readers, we are developing a number of focused Appendices that will explain specific details.

The outline above has been provided as a general guide with the final structure of the report card still evolving as it comes together.

(B)  Status of the Generator Report Card

We are aiming to have this report delivered as early as possible in 2019, with data current to 31st December 2018.   At that point electronic copies will be provided to those clients who have pre-purchased a copy.

Our prime focus is on the delivery of a quality product – one that will take big strides in answering the range of questions alluded to above.  As such, we won’t be bound to any particular release date for the Generator Report Card 2018.

You can find more information about the timing, and evolution, of the Generator Report Card here.

(C)  The Metrics being analysed for the Generator Report Card

In developing the Generator Report Card, we’re consciously focusing on delivering analysis that shows considerable width, and considerable depth.  This is a one-off review looking back 20 years (with data to 31st December 2018), not an annual review.

We’ve identified many dozens of discrete Metrics that are being used to explore various aspects of the commercial and technical performance of generator performance.

This page has been prepared to give some understanding of the scope of the project, by linking to discrete articles providing preliminary findings of some of the metrics.


(D)  Pre-orders at “early bird” pricing welcome now, prior to the release of the report

For those who trust that we will deliver high quality, extensive analysis in the Generator Report Card 2018 (even whilst our process is still underway) we offer you the benefit of getting in first to ensure that you have your electronic copy made available to you as soon as possible – and secure “early bird” pricing:

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(E)  Brought to you by…

This project is being brought to you principally by two partner organisations – Global-Roam Pty Ltd (producers of this WattClarity service, along with other software), along with Greenview Strategic Consulting (expert energy market analysts and consultants).

A number of other organisations have been involved, including those described on this page.