Deeper Insights via WattClarity ®

WattClarity® has been in operation since late 2007. The insights shared on WattClarity since that time have been (and will remain) free to access.

From time to time there have been some questions we’ve grappled with that have proved too large to be properly addressed in a single post (and particularly in the time we’ve had available in the lead up to a single article).  From this more detailed analysis occasionally flows more detailed reports – which we have started to describe as WattClarity® Deeper Insights.

Some of these reports are accessible in the listing below:

Topic of the Report About the report

As time permits, and where it is aligned with our core focus on the continuing enhancement of the (software-based) products we serve our customers with, we will be adding in other reports.

Generator Statistical Digest 2020

We’re planning to release an update to our a Generator Statistical Digest 2019 and release this in early 2021 as a GSD2020.

Generator Statistical Digest 2019

Given the success of our Generator Report Card 2018, we decided to follow-on from this by developing a partial update (and extension) in the form of a Generator Statistical Digest 2019 :

(a)  Utilizing 10 years of data to 31st December 2019; and

(b)  With a particular focus on calendar 2019 – adding in a new page for each DUID containing additional performance metric.

This was released on Tuesday 28th January 2020, with:

(a)  access provided immediately to those who had pre-ordered their copies; and

(b)  a wider notice was published on 13th February 2020.

On 8th June 2020 we published some ‘Feedback we have received about…’ the GSD2020.

Generator Report Card 2018

The Generator Report Card, covering 20 years of data to 31st December 2018, was released on 31st May 2019.

After a mammoth investment (of something like 10,000 hours) the Generator Report Card provided two core components of value:

Component #1 = approx 180 pages of analysis and insights, picking over some of the questions arising (particularly through 2017 and 2018) about various aspects of performance of our increasingly diverse fleet of generation assets.

Component #2 = approx 330 pages of statistics – one page for every DUID (unit) that operated in the 10-year period to 31st December 2018.  Using later terminology, this was our first Generator Statistical Digest embedded (as Part 3) within the Generator Report Card.

Following release on 31st May 2019 it received a swag of initial feedback (with other snippets tagged here), and the readership steadily grew in the many months following from the release of the Report.

Detailed review of summer 2012-13 in the QLD Region

Summer 2012-13 was a particularly volatile period in the Queensland region of the NEM – for a number of overlapping reasons. We fielded a number of calls through the summer from clients & other readers, asking us to help them understand what was happening.  A collection of articles were posted through the summer under this banner.

Given the complexities involved (and because the insights gleaned fed into the ongoing development of our ez2view software product) we conducted detailed analysis and prepared a detailed (3-volume) report.

You can learn more about it here.

If you have more questions about WattClarity (and particularly these areas of Detailed Analysis), please drop us a line using this feedback form, remembering to provide us a phone number we can reach you on if we have questions about your suggestions.