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On batteries, and “fixing South Australia’s problems”

Some quick thoughts about Tesla’s promise to “fix South Australia’s power woes”. Which specific problem is Tesla promising to fix?

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With the closure of Hazelwood looming, hedge contract prices climb skywards

Ominous signs for spot price outcomes through Q2 2016 in Victoria, as hedge contract prices climb prior to the imminent closure of Hazelwood.

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[UPDATED] AEMO Market Notice on “High Impact Outage” for tomorrow – and possible effect in South Australia

AEMO issues a Market Notice for a “High Impact Outage” – a term not used since 2012.

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Collective skittishness about South Australia?

With high temperatures forecast for SA (hence higher demand) coinciding with low wind, social media references to “blackout” increase. Is this helpful?

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Autumn 2017 in the NEM

Collection of articles written for Autumn 2017

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EnerNOC seems to have grossly under-represented the amount of Demand Response active in the NEM

The level of Demand Response currently active in Australia’s National Electricity Market is higher than some are estimating.

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Question – in an interconnected electricity system (and market), when did it become acceptable to neglect a systems view?

Because of (technical and commercial) interconnectedness in the National Electricity Market, the possibility of unintended consequences should be kept in mind

Question – when did it become the case that “Incumbency” automatically means any view they express is wrong?

“Incumbency” seems to have become a pejorative in the NEM

Interesting take, by battery maker Sonnen, on the “free energy” business model

Some brief thoughts on one innovative business model being introduced to the NEM incorporating batteries, demand response, and free energy

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[4th Post] Large and rapid demand drop curtails demand bid for new record in Queensland

Final post for the day – a high demand level achieved, but not an all-time record.

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