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A personal experience of spot-price paid solar injections

The recent demise of start-up retailer, Urth Energy (suspended from the market by the AEMO on 1st February) was an unfortunate development on this path of the energy transition.

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Demand in NSW soars but falls short of setting new record

With many stakeholders nervously looking on this afternoon, demand in NSW peaked at 14,108MW at 5:30pm AEDT.

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NSW demand rises above 13,000MW

Demand in New South Wales rose above 13,000MW just after midday today despite a reasonably modest temperature of 28°C in it’s capital.

South Australia hit by two price spikes

The volatility of the NEM was showcased again on Monday as South Australia experienced two major price spikes in the space of an hour. Using NEM-Watch’s play back feature (screenshot below) we were able to relive when the two price spikes hit.

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Queensland demand soars high in the second week of summer

We are only in the second week of summer 2015-16, and demand in Queensland has already begun to heat up, hitting 8507MW at 3:05pm this afternoon after another hot and humid day across the sunshine state.

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Demand heats up in New South Wales and Queensland on the first day of summer

With a Beefeater 5 Burner BBQ on the line , along with a host of other prizes, interested participants of our annual demand forecast competition (entries now closed :( ) would have been keeping a keen eye on demand during the week.

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