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Cost Confusion

Our guest author, Allan O’Neil, posts an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of an increasingly popular metric – the LCOE (or Levellised Cost of Energy)

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More about wind output and AEMO’s intervention in South Australia 25-26 April

A closer look at AEMO’s actions during a period of high windfarm output in SA last week

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A sudden series of SA spikes

Tight import limits on the Heywood interconnector and a lull in wind output saw price volatility return to South Australia earlier this week

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Was South Australia lucky the lights stayed on last Friday?

Last Friday’s events took South Australia much closer to the brink of another Black System event than many seem to have realised

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Key Events Timeline – NSW Friday 10 Feb 2017

A summary timeline of how last Friday’s “white knuckle ride” in NSW evolved, highlighting key events on the day.

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Examining why Pelican Point didn’t bid full capacity into the NEM on Wednesday 8 February

Some thoughts by our guest author, about possible reasons why Engie did not bid full output of Pelican Point power station into AEMO on Wednesday 8th February (i.e. the time at which load shedding eventuated).

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Initial Analysis: SA Load Shedding Wed 8 Feb 2017

A look at the supply/demand fundamentals in South Australia and explaining why load shedding was initiated.

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Southern NEM demand awakes from slumber

Hot weather in Adelaide and Melbourne driving an interesting outlook for Thursday

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Overview: NSW & Qld Price Volatility, Monday 6 Feb 2017

Very high demands in NSW and “more of the same” in Queensland saw significant price volatility yesterday, with the two states behaving like one larger NEM region

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Overview: Queensland volatility 1-2 Feb 2017

A volatile couple of days in Queensland, with demand response evident

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