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Article: Villain #3 – those at either extreme of the Emotion-o-meter

It seems to us that the people at either extreme of the Emotion-o-meter are causing this energy transition to see-saw off the tracks. For this reason they are Villain #3.

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Article: Villain #2 – we, the voting public

My sense is that we, the voting public, are Villains #2 in running the energy transition train off the tracks.

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Article: Villain #1 – our Emperors (present, past and would-be) have no clothes

First up in our listing of Villains in relation to the unfolding energy crisis are, of course, our political leaders – State and Federal, past, present and prospective.

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Article: A long list of Villains – that have each contributed to our “energy crisis”

A multi-layered energy crisis is upon us. I’ve identified 10 “root causes” (or “villains”) that have each played key roles in the way in which our energy transition has run off the rails.

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