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Article: Network outage, and low wind, combine to drive spot price volatility in the SA region on Thursday 26th April

An unexpected network outage in the south-east of South Australia restricts supplies from Victoria at a time of low wind supply in South Australia and results in the dispatch price spiking to $14,200/MWh from 11:30 and oscillating for the afternoon

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Article: Not quite summer and volatility returns to Victoria and South Australia

Some volatility with the hot weather on Wednesday 29th November – is this a precursor for summer?

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Article: A sudden series of SA spikes

Tight import limits on the Heywood interconnector and a lull in wind output saw price volatility return to South Australia earlier this week

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Article: Overview: Queensland volatility 1-2 Feb 2017

A volatile couple of days in Queensland, with demand response evident

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Article: Initial Review: NEM-wide Price Event, Monday 30 Jan 2017

Extremely hot weather in NSW and the NEM’s underappreciated “rail gauge mismatch” contributed to a sharp multi-state price spike during the afternoon peak

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Article: Quick Review: $13,800/MWh Queensland spike Mon Jan 30

Quick review of an isolated early morning spike in Queensland

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Article: Initial Review: $14,000/MWh Spike in Qld, Fri 27 Jan 2017

A look at last Friday’s short sharp price spike in Queensland and why it led to negative settlement residues on the interconnection with NSW

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Article: South Australia hit by two price spikes

The volatility of the NEM was showcased again on Monday as South Australia experienced two major price spikes in the space of an hour. Using NEM-Watch’s play back feature (screenshot below) we were able to relive when the two price spikes hit.

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Article: What happens if (when?) existing wind farms cross to “the Dark Side”?

A quick look at a price spike that occurred Monday evening (4th August) in South Australia

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Article: NEM-wide demand steams towards 32,000MW, and prices explode, as heatwave hits Victoria and South Australia

The forecast heatwave arrives in Victoria and drives demand towards what looks like being the highest (so far) this summer, and causing prices to pop.

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