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Article: Helping our clients make sense of (and grasp the opportunities in) the AEMO’s new MT PASA data sets

A brief first look at AEMO’s new MT PASA data sets – as we push forward in the next upgrade of our ez2view software to help our clients understand the data, and the opportunities (and threats) that the data reveals.

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Article: What's the market data saying about this Summer?

Guest author, Allan O’Neil, follows up a post in September (reviewing what the AEMO’s ESOO was saying about summer 2017-18) with this review of updated data

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Article: AEMO notes low reserve conditions for SA (this summer and next) and in Victoria (next summer)

After an AEMO notice of Low Reserve Condition this summer and next in the south, I had a quick look…

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Article: How helpful was NEMMCOs PASA process in predicting the demand spike on 29 January 2009 (part2)

Some further analysis of the MT PASA and ST PASA forecasts for other regions of the NEM (SA, TAS, NSW and QLD) for the day of 29th January 2009 – when a new record NEM-wide demand was established.

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