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Article: Initial questions about the LGC market

Our first look at trended LGC production (aggregated by state/territory) and LGC spot prices (monthly average), now possible in NEMreview v7, generates a number of questions…

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Article: Barcaldine Solar Farm output – and the audacious 50% by 2030 renewables ambition

A quick look at first output of Barcaldine Solar Farm – as a segue into consideration of what we see as an “audacious” 50% by 2030 ambition.

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Article: A big disconnect between words and actions?

Can you help me understand this apparent (and large) disconnect between words and actions in the GreenPower space?

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Article: Failure to satisfy the LRET – Prospects and Implications

Some considerations, posted by guest author Andrew George, about the Large-Scale Renewable Energy Target Scheme

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Article: Considerable spillage, in the high intermittency “10x” scenario

Continuing our analysis of these hypothetical future scenarios to understand the shape of “unserved energy” and hence the potential contribution of Demand Response – today I post about energy spilled in a future with high intermittent generation supply.

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Article: Why large energy users are concerned about last week’s machinations in South Australia

Pondering more implications of the boom/bust pricing witnessed in the South Australian region last week…

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Article: The RET Joyride

Yesterday evening the revised RET legislation passed the upper house. Today guest author (Miles Prosser) provides recollections of the twists and turns in the policy landscape of Australia’s Renewable Energy Target over the course of the past 10 years.

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Article: Northern Power Station becomes the next domino to fall

Following today’s announcement of the closure of Alinta’s Northern Power Station in South Australia

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Article: Recapping Australia’s SolarCoaster Ride

Nigel Morris talks through his recent presentation at the EUAA forum in Brisbane about the ups and downs of Australia’s “solarcoaster” ride

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Article: An almost weekly reminder of the challenge the NEM faces

There are cycles in wind production in the NEM, and there are cycles in social media about the benefits and disbenefits of renewables.

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