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Article: Possibilities of Peak Demand (VIC and SA) during summer 2017-18

Our guest author, Rob Davis, looks at what might emerge for summer 2017-18 given the La Nina outlook, and prior distributions of Cooling Degree Days for Victoria and South Australia

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Article: [3rd post] The supply/demand situation in Queensland gets tighter

3rd update today as the supply/demand balance tightens, and a transmission outage adds a complexity

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Article: [Post 2] Later AEMO forecasts moderate demand forecasts slightly – but still looks to be massive

Demand forecast down slightly on this morning, but still looking like a record.

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Article: [2nd post] Astonishing Queensland electricity demand - on a Sunday!

An astounding day with Queensland electricity demand on a Sunday – a new peak (according to Powerlink) or not quite (on Dispatch Target basis).

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Article: Early Friday 10th February – forecasts for near-record electricity demand and load shedding in NSW

A quick look into an anticipated stinker of a day in NSW today

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Article: Initial Analysis: SA Load Shedding Wed 8 Feb 2017

A look at the supply/demand fundamentals in South Australia and explaining why load shedding was initiated.

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Article: What factors will contribute to peak demand over summer 2015-2016?

Our guest author, Panos Priftakis, has prepared this analysis of some factors contributing to peak electricity demand – and contributes some insights for summer 2015-16. This might be particularly useful for those contemplating an entry in the WattClarity competition (which closes Friday 27th).

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Article: Hot weather pushes NEM-wide demand higher than the peak for summer 2014-15 (and we’re not even in summer yet…)

It’s not even summer yet and we’ve already exceeded the high point of summer 2014-15 with the current hot weather…

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Article: South Australian electricity weathers blistering heat

Walking through today in South Australia, following yesterday’s warnings.

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Article: The heatwave promises to return next week

A look at demand forecasts in ST PASA, with the heatwave promising to return next week.

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