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Article: ACCC chief, Rod Sims, includes 6 factors driving retail electricity prices higher

A timely reminder from Rod Sims (at the ACCC) this week that there are a number of factors driving electricity price higher – not just a single “smoking gun”

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Article: A more forensic look at Queensland Price Volatility on Saturday 14th January 2017

An animated walk through 19 hours of Saturday 14th January 2017 in the Queensland region of the National Electricity Market – a day we dubbed “sizzling Saturday” not least because of extreme price volatility

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Article: Puzzling through three rule change requests

Some ideas that I have been puzzling over – about the overlaps and contradictions between 3 rule changes under consideration at the AEMC currently
1) The Demand Response Mechanism (better known as the Negawatt buyback mechanism)
2) The Bidding in Good Faith deliberation
3) The Requirement for Price-Responsive (large) Demand to bid into central dispatch

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Article: What happens if (when?) existing wind farms cross to “the Dark Side”?

A quick look at a price spike that occurred Monday evening (4th August) in South Australia

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Article: Is solar PV providing more opportunity for spot price engineering?

Some initial analysis looking into the question of whether the increased penetration of solar PV is increasing the variability of scheduled demand to the point that generators can exert more pressure on spot prices.

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Article: Updated animation of 20th December 2012 – a volatile day in the Queensland Region

An updated animation of 20th December 2012 focused on the Queensland region – a volatile day for that region.

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Article: Prices spike in South Australia today

Some quick notes about another price spike today in the South Australian region of Australia’s National Electricity Market

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Article: May in the NEM (a review of 10 years of history)

One of 12 articles on the months past in the NEM – in which we examine the trends in price and demand across the NEM for the month of May.

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Article: Our review of the heat wave in South Australia

With demand soaring, and interconnectors constrained, generators in South Australia and Victoria took what opportunity they had to force the price high. So successful were the South Australian generators that the Cumulative Price Threshold was reached in South Australia and, under NEM Rules, an Administered Price Cap was applied for a period of time.

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Article: Analysis of price volatility in the QLD region over summer 2007-08

Our Managing Director was asked to speak at the “Queensland Energy” conference in Brisbane on Wednesday 12th March – specifically addressing the topic of price volatility in the NEM.

To provide the basis of discussion during the conference, we focused our analysis solely on Queensland region (to make the topic more manageable).
In our review of volatility in the Queensland region, we focused specifically on 3 core attributes of the market: Queensland dispatch prices; NEM-Wide Instantaneous Reserve Plant Margin; and the concept of “Economic Islands”.

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