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Article: Prices spike in South Australia today

Some quick notes about another price spike today in the South Australian region of Australia’s National Electricity Market

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Article: The NEM wakes from its spring slumber

A quick review of some activity in the market on Monday 2nd November 2009 (and in particular a price spike in South Australia).

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Article: July in the NEM (a review of 10 years of history)

One of 12 articles on the months past in the NEM. Analysis of July has revealed that the peak NEM-wide demand for the past 3 years has occurred in winter – and has been significantly higher than the peak summer demand.

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Article: June in the NEM (a review of 10 years of history)

One of 12 articles on the months past in the NEM. June has brought us several cases of “economic witholding of capacity” – particularly in 2002, and in 2007 the NEM had a very interesting week in which the IRPM plunged to its lowest level ever.

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Article: January in the NEM (a review of 10 years of history)

One of 12 articles on the months past in the NEM. For January we revisit events such as the fires at Moomba in 2004 (which curtailed gas supplies from central Australia); and the blackout on 16th January 2007 which drove the price to VOLL in Victoria.

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Article: Analysis of price volatility in the QLD region over summer 2007-08

Our Managing Director was asked to speak at the “Queensland Energy” conference in Brisbane on Wednesday 12th March – specifically addressing the topic of price volatility in the NEM.

To provide the basis of discussion during the conference, we focused our analysis solely on Queensland region (to make the topic more manageable).
In our review of volatility in the Queensland region, we focused specifically on 3 core attributes of the market: Queensland dispatch prices; NEM-Wide Instantaneous Reserve Plant Margin; and the concept of “Economic Islands”.

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Article: 22nd and 23rd February 2008 - a rare hot spell in Queensland

In Queensland we experienced one of the mildest summers I can remember. As a result of this, demand levels were subdued for most of summer. However, for a couple of days in late February, summer finally arrived, and struck with a vengeance.

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Article: 11th January 2007 - first spike in demand above 30,000MW

There was a temperature-driven spike in demand across the NEM later in the week beginning Sunday 7th January – culminating in the summer’s first demand peak above 30,000MW (on Thursday 11th January).

On this occasion, the spot price spiked above $1000/MWh in Queensland, NSW, Snowy and Victoria,

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Article: 8th December 2006 - high demand in South Australia

There was a temperature-driven spike in demand in South Australia on Friday 8th December 2006.

However, demand also spiked on other days in the week, and on those occasions did not lead to the price spikes seen on the Friday.

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Article: 21st November 2006 - demand spike in NSW

There was a temperature-driven spike in demand in NSW on Tuesday 21st November 2006.

These sweltering temperatures combined with bushfires to cause localised blackouts in the Sydney city area, as reported in the Sydney Morning Herald in the article “Power jitters as heat bites”.

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