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Article: South Australia islanded from the eastern part of the NEM overnight

South Australia was electrically islanded from the eastern part of the NEM for a number of hours overnight. Here’s a quick (early morning) look at some of what happened.

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Article: Even Colongra gets a run as high temperatures stretch local supplies in NSW

High temperatures passing through NSW provided the opportunity for the Colongra gas-fired power station to shake off the cobwebs and have a run for the day.

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Article: A late burst to summer in the south drives demand higher

Some high temperatures in Victoria and South Australia drive demand higher and, because of transmission constraints, the IRPM in the Economic Island lower.

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Article: Only 709MW of spare generation capacity in NSW at 15:40

A quick note about the tight supply/demand balance in NSW today – by virtue for high demand and constrained interconnector capability.

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Article: New record electricity demand in Queensland today (Monday 18th)

Some pictorial records of a day when a new record demand was set in Queensland.

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Article: Hot weather moves north-eastwards, driving demand in NSW

A snapshot of a higher demand day in NSW, driven by higher temperatures as they move eastwards

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Article: South Australia hits the Cumulative Price Threshold

For only the 5th time in 11 years of NEM history (and the 3rd time for South Australia) four consecutive days of price spikes have forced the Cumulative Price to the Threshold, and AEMO has imposed price caps to prevent retailers from going bust.

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Article: Tight supply-demand balance in SA today!

Some quick notes about high demand and prices in South Australia again today….

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Article: Prices spike in South Australia today

Some quick notes about another price spike today in the South Australian region of Australia’s National Electricity Market

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Article: Prices race in QLD and NSW as horses race in VIC

Tuesday 3rd November, and the temperatures that had driven prices higher in SA the previous day moved eastwards.

Whilst VIC demand was lower as everyone lost their shirts on a horse, demand climbed in NSW and QLD, dragging prices upwards as well.

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