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Article: Electricity demand stopped declining after 2014 (on a NEM-wide, Annual Average basis)

A comment made by TransGrid at the Energy Networks 2018 conference today jolted me to update my (somewhat) outdated paradigm of declining demand.

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Article: LNG meets the NEM

Some thoughts, from one of our guest authors, on how the emergence of an east-coast LNG industry will impact on electricity demand.

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Article: Mysterious jump in Queensland demand

It’s been reported that there appears to have been the addition of a large load in Queensland. Here we start to analyse.

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Article: Analysing trends in VIC electricity demand

Some analysis of how demand in Victoria has trended over 16 years – at least in part to help competition entrants provide their forecasts of what they think the peak Victorian regional demand will be for summer 2014-15

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Article: Will Queensland defy the trend of declining demand?

Spurred on by our competition (but with an interest that’s much broader) we have a look at how Queensland demand has trended – and find a couple of quite remarkable things occurring…

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Article: A more detailed look at how demand has trended over 15 summers in the NEM

A longer-term look at how summer (peak and average) demand has trended over the 15 years of NEM history to date.

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Article: A stinker today in southern Queensland, leading to high demand and prices on the tipping point

A brief look, during the day, of the effect that the Queensland heat wave is having on electricity demand within the state – and further across the NEM. It was a day of marked contrast in demand patterns in the north and the south.

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Article: Summer continues, but demand has not (yet?) arrived

By now our schools are full again, and businesses are back at work – so it is timely to review how electricity demand in the NEM trended through the holiday months of December and January.

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Article: How has demand trended, so far this summer

A quick look at how NEM-wide demand has trended so far this summer (to define the starting point for our competition entrants).

This brief look raises questions about the demand seen in December 2011, so we compare against previous years.

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Article: A 30-year historical window presents a different picture of demand

Including more than a decade of data for Queensland’s peak electricity demand (pre-NEM) reveals a more nuanced picture.

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