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Article: Electricity demand stopped declining after 2014 (on a NEM-wide, Annual Average basis)

A comment made by TransGrid at the Energy Networks 2018 conference today jolted me to update my (somewhat) outdated paradigm of declining demand.

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Article: Another industrial energy user enters Liquidation (in South Australia this time)

Coming back from a week out of the office, I was disconcerted to see that yet another industrial energy user has closed its doors.

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Article: Review of the NEM in 2016

Electricity consumption in the National Electricity Market (NEM) increased by 0.8% in 2016, this is on top of a 1.1% increase in 2015. Queensland and NSW experienced increases in consumption with all other states experiencing a reduction.

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Article: Victorian “Scheduled Demand” plunges to its lowest ever* level – early on Monday 2nd January

Victoria saw what seems to be the lowest ever* level of electricity demand early on Monday 2nd January 2017

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Article: Price Response of Large Energy Users could Affect Peak Summer Demand

One of our guest authors speaks, from their experience, how price-responsiveness of large industrial users (particularly with high contract prices for Q1 2016) might impact on peak demand this summer

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Article: Seeking to understand the great Network Debate

Sitting on the outside, looking in, this article sums up what seems to be the main areas of contention in the great Network Debate that’s been running the past couple years.

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Article: Northern Power Station becomes the next domino to fall

Following today’s announcement of the closure of Alinta’s Northern Power Station in South Australia

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Article: Peak NEM-wide demand this summer – the lowest in more than 10 years!

Some analysis of what happened with NEM-wide demand this summer

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Article: Electricity Pricing: An alternative to unlimited bill increases

A synopsis of one of the challenges facing the electricity sector – and a suggested solution

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Article: Factors contributing to declining demand during 2014

Some analysis performed by one of our guest authors (Ric Brazzale) identifying the significant factors that contributed to declining demand in the NEM through 2014.

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