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Article: High SA Prices on Monday 9 July–Business as Usual?

One of our guest authors, Allan O’Neil, takes a closer look at what happened in the South Australian region of the NEM on Monday 9th July 2018

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Article: Unfortunately no time for a “Best Peak Demand Forecaster” competition for summer 2017-18

For reasons explained herein, we’re unable to set aside the time required to run a competition on the “best peak demand forecaster in the NEM” for summer 2017-18.

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Article: Alas, no time for a BBQ competition for summer 2016-17

Unfortunately too busy in serving direct customers, so we can’t run the competition for summer 2016-17. You’ll have to wait another year, unfortunately (but still keep an eye on demand as noted in the article).

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Article: Quick wrap of the winners of our “best forecaster in the NEM” competition for extended summer 2015-16

Announcing the winners of our 7 related competitions for “best forecaster in the NEM” summer 2015-16

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Article: Demand heats up in New South Wales and Queensland on the first day of summer

With a Beefeater 5 Burner BBQ on the line , along with a host of other prizes, interested participants of our annual demand forecast competition (entries now closed :( ) would have been keeping a keen eye on demand during the week.

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Article: If your horse did not come in today – here’s a better chance to win a BBQ (and possibly* a bottle of Grange)

The competition is back, for another summer (with 7+1 prizes on offer). Read through for details…

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Article: Winning the final consolation prize (Comp #2) for peak Queensland demand

Wrapping up the competitions for summer 2014-15, we announce the winner for peak Queensland demand.

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Article: Winning a consolation prize (Comp #7) for peak Wind Production

Continuing with our series of competitions today, we assembled the entries to see who was closest to the mark in predicting peak wind output over summer 2014-15, and so who wins this portable barbeque: This was Competition #7, and earlier today I posted this analysis of what happened with wind output as it’s grown in […]

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Article: Winning a consolation prize (Comp #6) for Tasmanian peak demand

Who wins a consolation prize today, being closest to the flag in forecasting peak Tassie demand?

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Article: Winning a consolation prize (Comp #3) for NSW peak demand

So the winner for “best NSW peak demand forecaster” for summer 2014-15 is…

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