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Third peak Scheduled Demand in Queensland in 3 days - 9,924 MW at 16:50 Wednesday 14th February

A new peak Scheduled Demand and Operational Demand in Queensland today with Scheduled Demand still over 9,100 MW after 8 PM.

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Hornsdale Power Reserve continues to reach new milestones with a discharge rate of 100 MW today

Hornsdale Power Reserve a.k.a “World’s biggest battery” achieves new milestones – discharged at a rate of 100MW and charged continuously for nearly 3 hours.

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Hornsdale Power Reserve (a.k.a. "the worlds biggest battery") supplied SA for over an hour yesterday, peaking at 71 MW discharge

It’s 1st December 2017 – the first day of summer, and also the promised delivery date for the “world’s largest battery”. In this updated post we look at how it’s been operating.

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Not quite summer and volatility returns to Victoria and South Australia

Some volatility with the hot weather on Wednesday 29th November – is this a precursor for summer?

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Beefmaster Premium 6 on Cart with Side Burner! Who wouldn’t want to be the best demand forecaster in the NEM this summer?

It is that time of year again and we at global-roam want to know who is the best demand forecaster in the NEM. If you are like me and working over Christmas (while both my bosses are on leave), seeing the office thin out and watching the work left behind pile up, then it time […]

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